70% of America's commerce occurs within a day's drive. Sandusky County is located in the center of the country's manufacturing core. We are the Mid-American crossroads, the center of industrial and economic power of the nation.


"We're proud of the long term relationship we've had with the SCEDC and the value that we've collectively created for both Whirlpool and this community."-Terri Vargas, Scheduler - over 37 years with Whirlpool

Bellevue Hospital

"Advanced technology, medical treatment, personal care and community involvement are at the core of our health care efforts as we rededicated our hospital and our service to area residents when we opened our new facility at 1400 West Main Street, Bellevue."-Mike Winthrop, Bellevue Hospital

Crown Battery Manufacturing

"Over 76 years Crown Battery has developed from a small, successful battery repair shop to a growing and profitable company with 170,000 square foot manufacturing facility."-Hal Hawk, Crown Battery

Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties

"The SCEDC helped coordinate Martin Marietta's efforts with the Ohio Department of Development in achieving a five-year job creation tax credit with an estimated value of $236,000 over the five-year term."-Joe Reilly, Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties

Revere Plastics

"A 50,000 square foot expansion was added in 2010, along with the addition of 54 employees, and the purchase of 7 large all electric injection molding machines."-Craig Kellogg, Revere Plastics

TRIPS Transportation

"SCEDC involvement brings a wealth of experience on construction projects along with local and state contacts that have been helpful to the committee to move the project forward."-Robin Richter, WSOS/TRIPS

Stylecrest Manufacturing, Inc.

"I find Sandusky County and the local communities to be very supportive of all types of industrial development. As a developer of industrial and commercial properties, Sandusky County is a great place to grow your company."-Thomas L. Kern, Stylecrest, Inc.

Atlas Industries

"Sandusky County reflects a "team player" approach to working with local businesses to make Sandusky County a premier business center in Ohio." -Ryan Clark, Atlas Industries

Community Health Services

"As a healthcare organization in Sandusky County, we are very impressed with the ability, service, and knowledge of the Sandusky County Economic Development Corporation."-Joe Liszak, Community Health Services

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